Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Space Monks Versus Robot Invaders

Monkeys love music. So do you. Let's Help the Monks and infiltrate Mr. Robot. But Mr. Robot isn't that bad. We love Robot. Crap Attack!

1. Alive(Angel Manuels Miami Sunrise)- Ronnie 
    Maze f. Jennifer Cella
2. Standing By My Side (Fred Numf)- Musetta
3. Djakarta(Artur Oskan)- Dana Bergquist
4. Wave of Positive Mood - Sergey Spell
5. Solitude - Phunktastike
6. Pretending(Matakena Saint Tropez)- Mac C
7. After All - Kamil Orman
8. In Your Eyes - Python Feat Angel
9. Pressure Love - Hernan Cerbello
 10. Ocean and Breeze - Alongshore
 11. Wherever(DJ DLG)- Hoxton Whores f. Frank 
 12. Myst(Paul & Luke)- DJ Pietro Berti

Stream/Download here - Space Monks Versus Robot Invaders

Comment on the sound quality pls. I may fix it.

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